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Management Practice, Inc. (MPI) has been a consultant and an adviser to mutual fund directors and their counsel since 1970. We provide independent information to help fund directors and trustees carry out their responsibilities.

Originally, MPI's work focused on the contract renewal process, but it has since expanded to include:

  • Consultation concerning the dynamics of the board itself.
  • Fee negotiation.
  • Director compensation and benefits.
  • Director search and education.

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MPI does not either directly or by implication provide legal advice.




MPI performs annual surveys for the mutual fund industry and independent directors.  For over 20 years we have performed a survey of director compensation  as well as a survey regarding mutual fund profitability.  Additionally, this year will be our 9th annual survey of Chief Compliance Officer compensation.  For further information on these surveys, as well as their accompanying questionnaires, please click on the links below.

Survey Brochures:

MPI Fund Director/Trustee Compensation Brochure

MPI Fund CCO Compensation Survey Brochure

2011 Mutual Fund Profitability Survey Mutual Fund Profitability Survey

    Survey Questionnaires: 





    "MutualFund CCO Compensation:

    The MPI Annual Survey"

      Thursday, November 14, 2019, 2pm

    As part of their Forum WebinarSeries, the Mutual Fund Directors Forum will host a webinar with ManagementPractice. 

    Management Practice has conducted anannual survey of mutual fund Chief Compliance Officer compensation for the past14 years.  Each summer MPI releases its "Survey of Mutual Fund ChiefCompliance Officer Compensation and Organizational Practices", whichprovides aggregate compensation data received through confidentialquestionnaires from fund CCOs and other industry executives.  This webinarwill provide highlights from the most recent survey.  

    For more information on this webinarcall the MFDF at 202-507-4488 or visit www.mfdf.org





    The Uneasy Chaperone offers a wide-ranging look at the responsibilities and activities of mutual fund boards of directors and at the challenges facing the individual independent director.

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